Shuttle Logistics

Convenient Transport.

In today's fast-paced and demanding industrial world, efficient and reliable logistics are crucial elements for ensuring the success of any company. With the aim of meeting these requirements, we have been offering shuttle logistics services for many years, precisely tailored to the needs of each client. Whether you require transportation of assets, products, semi-finished goods, machinery, molds, or non-bulky materials, we are ready to provide comprehensive and flexible solutions that will enhance the efficiency of your business.

We deliver efficiently. Regardless of size.

Our trucks are always ready for work, regularly serviced and well-maintained, operated by experienced drivers who make every effort to ensure that your cargo arrives in perfect condition, on time. We understand that a well-managed and well-maintained transportation fleet guarantees reliability, stability, and punctuality in the delivery cycle. However, we recognize that each company has its own unique needs, and by using our shuttle logistics service, you can be sure of its flexibility and customization to meet your specific requirements.

Intermodal Transport for a Global Scale

Whether you need to transport oversized heavy items or continuous production elements, we provide assistance with our equipment, including truck trailers with cranes (HDS), low-bed trailers, container chassis, or mega trailers. We have experience in global transportation and have organized complex intermodal transport, combining road, rail, and sea connections to ensure the most efficient cost-to-delivery time. It's worth mentioning that we utilize a hub-and-spoke transportation method, meaning that from one loading point, we can deliver items to multiple different destinations. Additionally, our company provides full support in preparing procedures, staff training, and securing cargo with specially designed transport crates to ensure your cargo arrives safely and according to plan.