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Industrial Electrical Engineering

At Eurelo, we go beyond conventional solutions, offering tailor-made mechanical and electrical engineering services that align seamlessly with your unique requirements. Our adept team of professionals combines expertise in both mechanical and electrical engineering, delivering a holistic approach to address intricate technical demands and international safety standards. Count on us to navigate the complexities of the disconnection, relocation, and reconnection of machinery with precision, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence. Whether it's a local or global operation, our proficiency ensures a seamless transition, empowering your industrial processes for sustained success.

Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering Services

Safety in every detail and at every stage.

If you are relocating your machines to a new location and require the modernization of low or high voltage power supply, you can rely on our team. We are prepared to provide ready-to-install connections as soon as the resources arrive on-site. Additionally, our expertise includes the installation of control panels and switchboards, always adhering to strictly defined safety standards and local compliance regulations. With our advanced solutions, you can be confident that machine installation and maintenance will be carried out with the utmost care.

Advanced Electrical Solutions in Industrial Engineering.

Our team of electrical engineers is ready to handle diverse tasks, including the installation of control panels, distribution systems, and comprehensive design and installation of internal wiring. We ensure the highest standards in electrical work, accredited by renowned auditors with electrical qualifications. Safety is our priority, delivering complete project, test, and informational data in compliance with rigorous procedures and local regulations. Known for seamless integration of electrical work with other installation services, we provide comprehensive support, ensuring peace of mind that your machinery and installations are in the best hands. At Eurelo, we emphasize quality, safety, and precision to meet even the most demanding challenges in industrial engineering.

Electrical Engineering

Eurelo-Tech Poland

At Eurelo, we emphasize quality, precision, and safety to meet even the most demanding projects in the field of industrial electrical engineering. If you need a partner who understands your unique requirements related to the installation of machinery and robotics, we are ready to take action. We stand to respond promptly to your inquiries and collaborate closely to customize solutions that precisely align with your specific requirements. Contact us, and we will help tailor solutions to your individual needs.