Relocation of heavy machinery.

Moving industrial equipment.

Worldwide heavy machinery relocation.

Do you want to move heavy industrial equipment abroad? Or perhaps you are planning to relocate your operational base? Our company is a reliable solution for national and international transport needed for the relocation of oversized, non-dimensional machines and equipment. Our priority is to provide the best customer service, and our experienced staff will gladly assist and advise you on choosing transportation according to your needs and the transported dimensions.

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Fast and secure intermodal transport.

We provide intermodal transport of industrial machinery and equipment using more than one mode of transportation. Our service eliminates the stages of reloading and delays by utilizing a single loading unit throughout the process. The transported equipment is not unpacked at various points along the route but reaches from point A to point B without the need for unloading. This is an excellent solution to prevent damage to industrial equipment and ensures efficient and safe freight service. At Eurelo, we are involved in transportation and logistics worldwide daily, so it is essential for us to save time, money, and deliver the order safely. Choosing intermodal transport allows us to use a combination of different connections, such as maritime, rail, air, or road, enabling us to reach the farthest places with a vast array of shipments and facilitating remote and direct control.

International and national transport services

We perform transport services for various types of heavy equipment using low-loader transport. We offer professional international and national transport services for both standard and non-standard loads. With specialized trailers, we transport, among other things, construction, industrial, and electrical machinery, steel structures, production lines, as well as various types of containers. Utilizing low-loader transport platforms, we can guarantee the highest quality, durability, and a fast service delivery time.

Discover types of transport equipment for heavy machinery

The ability to lift up to 1,000 tons using sophisticated hydraulic ram-based lifting systems. The Megalift system is designed to excel in situations where traditional lifting methods cannot be applied. Megalift is particularly useful in areas where there is limited space around the object to be moved or when there is a restriction on the floor load capacity.
Valla cranes with a lifting capacity ranging from 2t to 11t. Electric battery-powered Valla cranes provide sustainable, zero-emission lifting of heavy loads. Valla cranes are among our next-generation mini cranes operated using a wireless remote control. This gives the operator the freedom to choose the optimal location for controlling the lifter, enhancing
Pick & carry cranes Franna with a lifting capacity of 14t.
Hydraulic gate systems for lifting heavy loads in enclosed spaces. With our hydraulic gate system services, we can safely lift, lower, rotate, tilt, and move heavy objects and machinery without additional costs associated with dismantling roofs or steel structures.

Heavy machinery relocation

Eurelo-Tech Poland

Eurelo specializes in comprehensive services for the relocation of heavy machinery on an international scale. Regardless of the size and weight of the transported machinery, our expertise and advanced equipment allow us to deliver services of the highest quality. Our work does not end with transportation alone. We ensure that each machine is delivered intact and ready to operate. If you need a partner who understands the challenges associated with the transport of heavy machinery, we are ready to take action. Contact us, and we will help tailor our solutions to your individual needs.