Forklift and Crane Rental

Machine rental with full service.

Professional machines. Top operators.

Our offer goes beyond services related to relocation, transportation, and installation of industrial machinery. We also provide for rent specialized forklifts and cranes with operators, available in our company. This service is highly popular as it provides comprehensive solutions to our clients in managing their industrial operations efficiently and effectively. Our experienced operators ensures that your industrial operations run smoothly, meeting the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

The best machines at your fingertips - with no hidden costs.

No surprises! Clear, agreed-upon prices for renting specialized machinery.

We guarantee our customers transparent rental prices after prior familiarization with the purpose of the service. The quality of the provided equipment is our priority, so we ensure that all our devices are in excellent technical condition, ready for immediate operation. Our machines are regularly serviced and undergo all necessary safety checks. Each of our forklifts or cranes is operated by our dedicated operator, who regularly participates in external training and has many years of experience with the specific equipment. Eurelo's operators have the necessary certificates and authorizations to operate our devices. Our project engineer responsible for providing equipment with a crew will gladly advise you in choosing the appropriate machine model, taking into account its specific work and requirements. Our goal is to provide comprehensive service that meets the expectations of every customer.

Safe and professional machine rental with operators at Eurelo.

If you are looking for a company with specialized lifting equipment and an experienced team of operators, you've come to the right place. Eurelo has been a reliable partner for many years, understanding the market needs and those of its clients. Always ready to act, reliable, and efficient in delivering professional solutions. Contact us now to discuss your needs and enjoy services that meet your expectations.