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The relocation of a production line may be necessary for various reasons. Sometimes, this operation occurs within the same facility, while in other cases, it involves moving the production line on an international scale. At Eurelo, we execute each order with the highest safety standards to minimize the risk of damage. Our engineers carefully plan the transport route and ensure the timely delivery of equipment. Regardless of the scope of work, we always approach each task with the utmost caution because relocating a production line is a complex undertaking, and mistakes can entail significant costs.

Success starts with a good plan.

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What does the relocation of production lines involve?

From simple relocations to global reshoring.

In many cases, we have conducted relocations of production lines, which took place within the same plant, making it a simpler variant of this endeavor. However, intra-plant relocations that we carried out did not mean that they did not require exceptional caution and the right approach. The experience gained from efficiently executed local relocation tasks of various lines has contributed to our increased involvement in more complex projects, such as international relocations of production lines associated with a change in the company's headquarters, i.e., global reshoring logistics. In such endeavors, we deploy specialized equipment and vehicles necessary for the transport of machines and equipment to safely and efficiently carry out such relocations.

Safe and Efficient Relocation. Key Steps in Moving Production Lines.

A properly executed relocation of technological lines aims not only to safely transport their components from one place to another but also to do so in a way that minimally disrupts the operation of the facility. It is necessary to develop a detailed relocation plan that includes the following steps:

Dismantling machines from the production line must be carried out methodically, following a predetermined sequence. It is also important to dismantle the machines only to the extent necessary for safe transport. Utilizing available technical documentation is crucial to ensure that the dismantling is done correctly and, at the same time, facilitate the procedure for reassembling the equipment at the destination. Part markings systems are also used for this purpose.
Preparing machines for transport also requires proper packaging. They must be thoroughly secured to minimize the risk of damage during transportation, as well as during loading and unloading. Each part should also be labeled – this facilitates the identification of elements at the destination, speeding up the unloading and reassembly of machines.
ChatGPT Loading and transport are stages that primarily require the use of specialized equipment and vehicles. It is essential to ensure their availability in advance so that the process proceeds smoothly without complications or downtime.
It is important that unloading and assembly are carried out by qualified personnel. It should be remembered that time is crucial in industrial relocations – any delay results in financial losses for the company.
Connecting machines requires the involvement of a specialized team and usually the use of additional equipment. If the elements of machines and equipment have been properly packaged and labeled, and the work is carried out by specialists, this stage is completed without major issues. At this point, technical documentation prepared earlier by Eurelo's employees also comes in handy.
Prior to restarting the production line, a so-called cold start should be performed. This is a procedure carried out before connecting the power supply, aiming to check the proper functioning of specific systems. In the next step, all connections, wires, and installations should be verified, and only then should the power be connected to start the machines. If the equipment operates correctly, the relocation of the production line is complete.

Each of these stages must be adequately prepared. It also requires the use of specialized equipment and the supervision of experts. It is crucial to adhere to safety principles, which will help avoid costly errors associated with machine damage, for example.

Good practices in the relocation process.

It's important not to forget that the relocation of technological lines is highly complex. The best solution is to entrust the entire process to specialists, such as Eurelo-Tech. Experts are well aware of the implications of such procedures and, at the same time, have the necessary equipment for their proper implementation. It's also essential to take care of the mentioned technical documentation. Thanks to it, industrial relocations carry less risk and can proceed more smoothly. It's advisable to obtain such documentation directly from the manufacturer.

Production Lines Relocation

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Relocation of industrial lines is a comprehensive process that requires the application of various technologies and actions. At Eurelo, we have been specializing in relocating individual lines and advanced industrial systems for years. Our extensive experience and dedication allow us to meet every challenge, regardless of location and anywhere in the world. If you need support in the field of relocating industrial lines, do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to learn about your needs and present solutions that we can implement for you!