Eurelo Technical Facilities

We have efficient and modern tooling facilities.

The high standards of Eurelo machines guarantee efficient relocation services.

In the process of relocating our clients' valuable assets, there is no room for compromise. At Eurelo, we prioritize high-quality, advanced technical solutions based on innovative handheld tools, dedicated and tailored for relocation needs, as well as efficient and modern mechanical equipment, ensuring safe and professional delivery of solutions for the companies we serve. Discover our equipment and technical solutions:

Specialized lifts

Twinlift / Versalift / Valla

Eurelo-Tech offers innovative solutions in the field of self-propelled cranes, tailored to the specific requirements and needs of our clients. Our company provides a complete range of mobile lifts with capacities ranging from 2 to 90 tons for indoor and outdoor applications. Our offerings include electric and hybrid cranes with adjustable or fixed booms to meet diverse relocation requirements. With dozens of specially designed applications, our mobile lifts are ready to meet a wide range of transportation and relocation challenges.

Telescopic lifts

Scissor lift / Telescopic-Articulated lifts

Electric telescopic boom lifts are invaluable tools on construction sites. Their ability to work at various angles makes them ideal for tasks requiring extensive reach in both horizontal and vertical planes. They enable achieving greater heights and better adaptation to work from a distance. All our lifts feature non-marking tires, ensuring minimized floor dirt and contamination while providing better traction, especially on slippery surfaces, which directly contributes to safety.

Self-propelled cranes / Mobile cranes

Telescopic-hydraulic from 45 to 200 tons

Our branches in Europe are equipped with a variety of mobile cranes ranging from 45 to 200 tons, effectively supporting relocation processes. Eurelo offers comprehensive solutions utilizing advanced technologies in mobile conveyors tailored to the diverse requirements of our clients. With various types of cranes, we can efficiently handle relocations of varying scopes and complexity, ensuring reliability and precision in every execution.

Megalift mobile cranes

Hydraulic cranes with electric drive

When there's a direct need in the process of industrial relocation, we utilize the Megalift mobile crane system, which performs exceptionally well where traditional lifting methods encounter limitations. The Megalift system is extremely useful in situations where space around the facility is restricted or there are floor loading restrictions. The system is characterized by high load capacity, up to 1000 tons, easy installation, and mobility as it only requires tracks, which can be set up within a few hours.

Forklift trucks

Combustion / Hybrid / Electric

In the relocation processes we undertake, indispensable tools of our trade are modern forklifts from renowned brands. In our Eurelo branches, we have a variety of forklifts with electric, gas, and combustion engines capable of lifting weights from 2 to 9 tons. Additionally, our forklifts are equipped with various types of forks tailored to the specific type of load and requirements. Most of our forklifts also feature non-slip and non-marking tires, ensuring efficiency and safety on any surface.

Transport sets

Roller sets / Air cushions sets

Eurelo uses transport rollers with a load capacity ranging from 2 to 9 tons. Rollers are an ideal solution for industrial relocation applications, proving highly effective in transporting heavy loads within manufacturing facilities. Thanks to their durable and stable construction, rollers enable safe transportation of goods with large dimensions over short distances. They are perfectly suited for transporting heavy loads and relocating machinery between sectors.

Trucks and Transport tractors

Low-bed / Truck-mounted cranes

Our modern trucks, available at various company branches, are ready to meet diverse transportation needs. Equipped with low-bed trailers, they facilitate seamless relocation of heavy items, while vehicles with Truck-mounted crane systems (HDS) ensure precise loading and unloading. Our trucks with traditional trailers work daily with numerous manufacturing plants, providing them with production shuttle transportation.

Construction vehicles

Excavators / Dump trucks

Our staff possesses construction and engineering experience and is fully prepared to meet the tasks entrusted to them. At Eurelo, we have a variety of construction equipment, from small handy tools to large machinery such as excavators, dump trucks, and bulldozers, which are an integral part of the equipment for our European branches. If a client has specific requirements regarding construction work, we can guarantee their comprehensive implementation using our modern machinery and experienced crew. By collaborating with us, you will receive reliable support in every construction project.

Mobile workshops

Tool containers

Our mobile workshop units are an innovative solution providing comprehensive technical support. Mobile vehicles with complete workshop equipment and portable tool containers enable quick and effective on-site service, regardless of location. Our experienced team of technicians, proficient in English, operates both in Europe and worldwide. Mobile service units help shorten machine repair and maintenance time, ensuring comprehensive support at the highest level.