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The assembly and disassembly of machines is a complex task that involves many stages and processes. When relocating industrial machines to a new location, it is essential to precisely dismantle and later correctly reassemble all components according to their original state. During these operations, it is necessary to consider numerous details and specifics that our cohesive Eurelo team has encountered during successful relocation projects. Below, we have outlined the process that we can offer for machine assembly and disassembly services carried out by our experienced specialists worldwide.

What exactly does the assembly and disassembly of machines involve?

Key steps regarding the assembly and disassembly of machines.

Assembly and disassembly of machines is a process that involves various devices used in the production process of industrial plants. Sometimes, these are individual machines, and at other times, complex production systems requiring specialized activities and specific tasks to be performed. We are talking about structures such as:

The assembly and disassembly of entire production lines is a laborious process during which appropriate safety standards must be maintained. It is also crucial to secure the equipment during transportation to avoid situations where machines may be damaged during transit, preventing proper installation in the new facility.

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Dismantling machines in the company's relocation process.

The relocation process begins with the disassembly of machines located inside or outside the building. During these critical initial steps, it is essential to meticulously document all parts and load them onto vehicles in a way that prevents damage during transport. This is a demanding and responsible undertaking, which can be time-consuming, especially for large industrial facilities. Industrial machines are typically very expensive, so any accidental damage or loss of even a single part could result in significant financial losses. Therefore, each machine is appropriately secured by our specialists who have the knowledge of their correct disassembly and then properly packed before transport. This ensures that the relocated equipment can be efficiently assembled in its entirety at the new location.

Reassembly of machines and equipment in a new location.

After transporting the machines to a new building, it is necessary to reinstall them. In the case of large production lines, it is necessary to connect individual devices, and in situations where they were previously disassembled into small parts, they must be reassembled correctly. This is crucial to ensure the proper operation of each device and workplace safety. Therefore, after the reinstallation of industrial machines, numerous tests must be conducted to check their functionality and compliance with applicable regulations. The reassembly of industrial machines is only possible with the involvement of qualified individuals who have the necessary certifications. This is an extremely important element of relocation for which Eurelo takes full responsibility because any error could pose a threat to the health and lives of the plant's workers or result in machine damage, requiring time for repair and renovation.

Machine assembly and preparation of necessary installations.

To ensure the proper functioning of industrial machines in a new location, it is necessary to prepare the infrastructure accordingly. Eurelo takes care of the complete connection of electrical, gas, steam, and hydraulic systems essential for the proper operation of machines. In some industrial facilities where advanced technological solutions are utilized, we can provide the execution of complex connections, such as network or internet connections based on fiber optic cables.

Why does the assembly and disassembly of machines need to be carried out under the supervision of experts?

Industrial machines are highly complex constructions, which is why their disassembly and assembly can only be carried out by specialists. These individuals understand the functioning of specific devices and know how to correctly dismantle and reassemble the equipment. The work requires knowledge of electrical systems, hydraulics, and welding. Our experts can handle the safe relocation of machines from clean facilities involved in food processing to technically complex facilities in the automotive industry or heavy industries such as shipyards or steel mills. In most cases, services of this kind are also accompanied by complex transportation using specialized vehicles and cranes.

Assembly and disassembly of machines and qualifications.

In our professional relocation teams, each employee possesses specialized certifications for operating machinery to facilitate the assembly and disassembly processes. This includes not only certifications for forklifts but also for self-propelled bridges and platform devices. Additionally, the majority of our staff is trained to use portable cranes and lifts, holding certifications for welding various materials. Our project engineers are also trained in a crucial post-assembly element - conducting tests after completing the machine relocation process. We often prepare technical documentation for the entire process. This is precisely why these tasks should be handled by professionals. At Eurelo, we offer industrial machinery assembly and disassembly services, ensuring a smooth operation and project safety.

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Machine assembly and disassembly is a comprehensive process that involves the application of various technologies and actions. At Eurelo, we have been involved in relocating individual machines as well as entire production lines for many years. With the experience we have gained, we can meet any challenge, regardless of the location and place worldwide. If you need support in the field of machine assembly and disassembly, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to learn about your needs and present solutions that we can implement for you!