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Everyday we support the industry, not only in Poland but all over the world.

EURELO-TECH provides the following with an upper class of experience and expertise; assembling workers, mechanics, electricians with crane and forklift operators. We specialise in installations and a strong variety of machinery and production line relocation. EURELO-TECH provides a service of loading and off-loading particular machines. We offer relocation by land and sea as well as packing the wanted goods onto the chosen form of transport. We have a large experience in the industry sectors in Poland, Europe and the World.

Zarządzanie projektami – Eurelo.pl
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Instalacje technologiczne – Eurelo.pl

Our projects

From a selected group of leading experts in the installations/ relocation branch we independently implement projects in various industry sectors.


Our team of engineers and project managers are always keen to share their knowledge and experience with clients. As a result they can often identify the best way to deliver your project, as well as manage any issues at an early stage of the project.

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