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A modern business model in relocation. We are shaping your industrial future.

In the era of dynamic changes, technological innovations, and global challenges, a modern business model in the field of machine relocation and establishing new factories becomes a key success factor. In a world where industry transforms faster than ever before, flexibility, efficiency and sustainable development form the foundation upon which the future of many businesses rests. Introducing modern solutions and an approach based on advanced technologies is not only a necessity but also a tremendous opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Moving machines and equipment. Professional industrial relocations.

Safe and efficient relocation of factories.

In the current dynamic industrial landscape, the ability to swiftly and efficiently relocate machines and equipment is key to the success of any company. At Eurelo, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime in production processes. With years of experience and extensive specialized knowledge, we can effectively minimize downtime and offer comprehensive and efficient asset relocation services. Our experience ensures high-quality work, speed, and efficiency in every operation. We operate based on high safety standards and possess the necessary tools to provide our clients with a full guarantee of the safety of relocation operations. Furthermore, our commitment to safety is backed by insurance coverage of up to 10 million euros, providing an additional guarantee of quality and trust with every project.

Global-scale relocation.

In the modern industrial landscape, a key to the success of many companies is the ability to ensure efficient mobility of assets, including individual machines and entire production lines. This strategic move enables companies to pursue future development, access new markets, and expand globally. Our company understands these challenges well and offers comprehensive relocation services on a European and global scale. With our extensive experience and international presence, we can meet the requirements of clients on every continent, in every corner of the globe. Our international relocation services encompass a full range of activities, from dismantling, preparation, and securing of machines, through land or sea transportation, to reconnection, testing, and commissioning of the production line in the new location. All of this is carried out with the highest standards of supervision and safety, in accordance with local and internal regulations and occupational health standards.

Reliable Experience you can trust.

The High expertise of Eurelo is the result of collaboration among our specialized team of engineers, managers, and a cohesive group of relocation experts. With passion and precision, they oversee complex projects, ensuring their highest quality and speed of execution.

Efficient maintenance of operations is the key to effective production in your company.

We support your industry by assisting in maintenance of operations processes.

Modern companies require solutions that will enable them to achieve a high level of efficiency and competitiveness. Well-executed machine installation plays a significant role in the production process, allowing for higher standards of performance and cost savings. Our company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of installation of production lines and machines for your business. Our offerings encompass a range of key services, enabling our clients to achieve full production success.

We implement technologically complex projects.

One of Eurelo's services has become the construction of complete production lines from scratch or assembling them from elements provided by the client. To carry out these complex tasks, we provide qualified engineering staff and employees with extensive technical experience. At the same time, we have our own technical infrastructure in the form of machines, cranes, and transportation, enabling the execution of comprehensive projects with varying degrees of complexity. Our company ensures high efficiency in execution and guarantees the timeliness of actions.

We implement tomorrow's technologies - today!

As part of our services, we offer comprehensive support in connecting industrial installations or construction works such as preparing foundations for machines and automation. The company has a modern machine park enabling the delivery of steel structures and pipelines that meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Our solutions are tailored to the individual needs of clients and constitute an integral part of the process of building production lines or technological installations. In addition to the mentioned technologies, we provide comprehensive services in the field of industrial electrical installations with a team of experienced installers and electrical designers.

Maintenance services / Warehousing / Logistics

Your machines and equipment in reliable hands.

Minimizing losses, ensuring production continuity, and optimizing manufacturing and logistics processes are key aspects of efficiency and productivity in every industry. Through years of experience and understanding client needs, Eurelo has specialized in crucial tasks related to maintenance of operations and in-house logistics. We can provide comprehensive solutions that contribute to enhancing the efficiency of every production and manufacturing process. With our skilled workforce and tools, we can minimize downtime and ensure continuous operation in your industry. We operate with a focus on time and the continuity of your facility's operations. Our knowledge and experience enable us to deliver professional services at the highest level. We are ready to become a trusted partner, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of your production processes.