Do you need to install or relocate a machine? Contact Eurelo-Tech.

The business  is expanding and adapting, the same comes with machinery. This is why we offer transport and relocation of machines for our clients that need changes in their production firms.

Our offers contain indoor and complex inter relocations. From indoor machinery to whole indoor production firms transport to different countries – we have experience, the equipment and specialist to insure the move of your load without a hassle.

Why choose EURELO-TECH?


We have distribute experienced management with qualified experienced fitters with years of experience.

Modern Selectionof Equipment

We distribute efficient and safe equipment.

Global Reach

We work in Poland, but also Europe just like all over the world.


We supply the highest level of Health and Safety.

Always on time

We work 24/7. We value the production time of our clients.

The vision of EURELO-TECH

We carry out orders in all ways. We conquer every level of a project and adjust to the clients specific requirements and needs.


Our team of engineers and project managers are always keen to share their knowledge and experience with clients. As a result they can often identify the best way to deliver your project, as well as manage any issues at an early stage of the project.

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