EURELO offer a comprehensive range of relocation management services, tailor-made to meet the needs of businesses across a wide industry spectrum.

We have the benefit of experience

Our contracts have covered:

  • factories and warehouses
  • hospitals
  • libraries
  • laboratories
  • universities and colleges

We have all the resources necessary to make moves and changes within your business. Not only the vehicles and equipment, but some of the most experienced staff available.

As in many aspects of life, good preparation is the key to success.

Any changes to workplace environments can be a stressful time and can mean loss of productivity if not carefully planned and executed.

EURELO can offer sound advice from the inception of any forthcoming project. Although the actual physical move or change may be many months away, this is the best time to call for free advice and consultation, which may well have an impact on your relocation strategy and could save on overall costs.

The move manager can be on hand to attend planning meetings, departmental briefings, to liaise with other contractors where required, to ensure continuity and communication lines are maintained, and to give practical logistical advice and solutions should any unforeseen circumstances occur.

Our Clients